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Frequently asked questions

Why Planned Parenthood?

We did a lot of research when looking at where to give our #PointsForChoice. We felt we had a couple options: send resources to states with more bans, or send it to places that are bearing the influx of people looking to receive treatment. We realized that both need an equal amount of help. Planned Parenthood is an organization we trust to allocate our resources to the places that need it most.

Who should I talk to about where our points go?

Talk to your finance director to see if you have a company credit card that collects points, and what your company plans to do with them.

What should I say?
Feel free to copy/past this into an email:

Hello [xxx],

I saw the initiative Points For Choice, where companies are donating their company card rewards points to Planned Parenthood in order to protect reproductive rights. I would like our company to participate in this initiative. Do we have a corporate card, and, if so, are we viable to participate?


[your name here]

What if my company doesn’t have a company card? Can I still donate?

This started as a way for small businesses to make a donation with their corporate card points, but the reality is anyone can participate. Any and all donations are welcome, even on an individual level—our main goal is to gather funds to support reproductive rights. Visit the Points for Choice GoFundMe to participate.

Is this only for agencies? Is it only for the advertising industry?

We encourage small businesses across any industry to participate in #PointsForChoice. Because we operate in the advertising world, we wanted to start there. We hope more will join this effort.

Will this be tax deductible?

Planned Parenthood donations are exempt from federal income tax. See the Planned Parenthood Donor FAQ page for more information.

Is this a one-time thing? Or will companies participate every year?

We’ll leave that up to you—we’d like to give as much as we can!

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