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Join us in donating  to support reproductive rights.

If your company has a corporate card, it means you’ve been racking up rewards. And, if you’re here, it means you’re curious about how you can use them to support reproductive rights. See the step-by-step conversion process below. Don't have a corporate card? You can still donate.

1.  convert

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Have a representative call your credit card company to see how many rewards points you've earned, and request that those points be converted to cash (either by crediting your account or sending you a check).

Once that cash is in hand,
move on to step 2.

2.  Donate

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Go to the Points For Choice GoFundMe. Click “donate now,” and enter the amount of “cash” your company has earned.

3.  Challenge

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Once you’ve donated, it’s time to pass it on. Post about your donation on LinkedIn, and challenge 3 other companies to participate! We’ve created downloadable badges (found below) that can be used for your social posts.

Join us

Once you’ve donated, challenge other companies on LinkedIn, and we’ll feature your company here.

Download the Points For Choice badges to use in your social posts!

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